Private Dancer by Stephen Leather
Love, Lies and Death in the Land of Smiles
"An excpetionally good read, the Humour and Hazards" for them and us, Such is Life!
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BE WARNED: When you start to read this - you can  not stop!
Private Dancer, the on-line cult novel chronicling the disastrous relationship between a travel writer and a Bangkok bargirl, is finally available in print. The on-line version of the novel, written by best-selling thriller writer Stephen Leather, has been downloaded more than sixty thousand times over the past five years. Now Leather has decided to publish the book in Thailand.
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Books by the Aussie "Neil Hutchinson" are very very funny and give prospective of chaos that attracts so many.

We included a summary about his best selling books; life as a "fool in Paradise" and love in Thailand.

Neils books are displayed in the link below. 

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